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A Puppy's 10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments of Owning a Puppy

Here are the ten things every puppy must have to live a happy, healthy life as told from the point of view of a puppy.

Number 1

Feed me twice a day a good quality food that has all the nutrients I need so I can grow up big and strong. Once in the morning, so I have energy for the day and again at night so I don’t beg for table scraps.

Number 2

Keep my water bowl filled at all times. I need lots of water because I am so active. I will drink all day, but never too much—just enough so that I stay properly hydrated.

Number 3

Buy me a toy that is okay for me to chew on. I have the need to chew. It is what puppies with developing teeth do. I don’t like getting in trouble for chewing on something that I am not supposed to.

Cute PuppyNumber 4

Help me get the exercise I need. I am growing and very active. Take me on walks and play with me everyday.

Number 5

I need attention and love.  Every day pay attention to me.  Teach me tricks and things to do so you will be pleased with me and I will receive treats and praise.

Number 6

Be sure to reward me when I do what is right. The more reward I am given for doing what I am supposed to, the more obedient I will be.

Number 7

Provide me with a place to sleep that I know is mine. Make sure it is safe and warm and not too far from you.

Number 8

Teach me where I am supposed to go to the bathroom. I will have to do this several times a day. And be patient with me while I learn and forgiving if I make a mistake or two in those first few days.

Number 9

As I grow I will need friends. Allow me the ability to socialize with other dogs when the time is right.

Number 10

Be sure to take me to the Vet for all the shots I will need and a yearly check up.  At times I will get sick and possibly injured.  Please take care of me and take me to the Vet when I need no matter what the cost.