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How to Teach Your Puppy Tricks

What you will learn here is how to teach your puppy tricks.

Some may disagree that a puppy is too young to teach tricks. But that is not the case. A puppy has a shorter attention span than a full grown dog. That is the important factor you must keep in mind if you are to be successful.

A puppy is very capable and willing to learn. In fact, pleasing their owner is the desire of every puppy. Plus if you teach them dog games and tricks it will be good exercise which they need for healthy development. It will also help to keep them from getting bored and aid in their behavior. A dog that does tricks is generally a well behaved dog and one that doesn’t get into trouble.

There are three things you must keep in mind if you are going to be successful:

  • Because a puppy has a short attention span as soon as you see them loose interest in the training or game, it is time to stop and move on to something else.
  • You must make the training fun. If you are having fun, the puppy will detect this and that will help them to have fun also. Puppies are playful by their nature and if you want the puppy to enjoy what you are doing with them—keep it fun.
  • You must have patience. Don’t expect the puppy to learn as fast as you might expect. They will forget, make mistakes and sometimes take what seems like forever to figure it out. Just be patient and keep at it and they will eventually surprise you.

Puppy TricksWhen working with your puppy be careful and aware that you are not placing them in any situation that might be dangerous or harmful. Your puppy will completely trust you.

When your puppy does something correct offer lots of praise. Tell them they are a good dog. Positive reinforcement will really help. That is what your puppy lives for!

If it is possible, you should consider picking the same time each day to work with your puppy. The pup will look forward to that time of day as something that is fun.

Be sure you understand the trick you are going to teach ahead of time. Think it through. Know what you want the puppy to do. Also know how you will show them the expected behavior. Also know the command you will use.

As you repeat the training be consistent and make sure to do the same thing every time, until they figure it out on their own.

It can be helpful when showing what you want them to do and putting their body in the correct position, to do this from ground level. It is less threatening and will be more comfortable for your dog.

Remember to be patient, make it fun and keep at it. You will be surprised at how well your best friend will respond and soon be doing all sorts of neat tricks with you.